Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Its almost here

The love of my life, my prince charming
A month away and I will marry the man of my dreams. After everything we've gone through it seems like everything is finally coming together. I got my dress, he got his tux, we've got the pictures set up, a place to have it, most of our decorations planned out. Its so nice to know that in a month I'm going to be his wife and we're finally going to be a family. I also started on fertility medication to help with my PCOS and there may be a new addition to the family here soon, I'm crossing my fingers. I love John so much and he's been so amazing and such a great support through everything and I couldn't ask to marry a better man.

This is my dress :)


  1. Wow your dress is perfect for you I love it!

  2. Your dress is so pretty!! I'm excited to see you all done up at your wedding :)